Massive rise in Londoners struggling to pay mortgage and rent

On the back of news that the housing market maybe slowing down, Shelter has issued a stern warning to government that even before interest rate rises Londoners are struggling to pay their mortgages and rent. In an a new appeal Shelter has launched an appeal calling for urgent support of its advice helpline, as the


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London: the next battleground between Muslims and Jews?

Editorial Paris has been branded as the city where a mini-intifada is taking place between Jew and Arab, Brussels equally has a major problem trying to keep angry Arabs away from the city’s historical Jewish community. The question that many community leaders have already been asking will London follow in the steps of other cities



Michael Kampe men’s fashion collection

Michale Kampe collection   This new collection for men by Michael Kampe described as the  “Exploded View” implies: explosion, destruction, detonation in our well structured world. The main inspiration were Exploded View Drawings and blueprints from engineers mixed with modern art influences. Art and social developments are always a big part of my inspiration. Using